A super comfy tee and a heartfelt greeting card met in high school.

They were friends, but then parted ways when they went to college. But no worries, they reconnected after graduation at a dance and fell in love. (Well there WAS dancing somewhere in the bar I am sure... that counts, right?) They got married and had a baby. That baby is ChatterBomb Clothing Co.

ChatterBomb Clothing Co. has something for you.

Call it a message, a reminder, or a wearable hug. But it's just for you, for a friend, for a
loved one. And it's close to the heart (literally).

We blend a super cool vintagy graphic on the front of a comfy shirt with a special message on the inside. It's just like wearing a greeting card.

Embrace your inner weirdo, recognize your strengths, & try to make friends with your struggles.

You are never alone. We love you. We love weird and we love love.